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If you are like most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of your home. Once a room far removed from the main activity of the house, kitchens are now the place for cooking, eating, socializing, doing homework and figuring the family budget.

By combining the features of crafted custom cabinets, modern appliances and design detail, the kitchen has been elevated to a multi-function interior space. Giving you the highest return on your new construction or remodeling dollar, the kitchen provides a hub of activity for everyday dinners or holiday feasts. Larson Joynes Cabinet Works offers high quality craftsmanship, artistry in design, decades of experience and a reputation built on integrity.

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Center Islands, Peninsulas and Pantries
  • With these special features:
  • Oven, Refrigerator & Microwave Cabinets
  • Trash & Recycle Bins
  • Undercounter Light Mounting
  • Wood & Glass Cabinets
  • Lazy Susans – Upper & Base
  • Pullouts & Flipouts
  • Baking Tray Cabinets –Spice Pullouts – Tray Dividers
  • Raised Panels & End Panels
  • Crown Molding
  • Tower Cabinets – Custom Design Ceiling/Soffit to Counter Height
  • Built-in Side Storage – Hidden in Custom Diagonal Corners
  • Flutes – Corbels – Rope Trim
  • The Magic Corner Cabinet

Our initial interview that addresses how you see your kitchen working for you gives us the information we need to make the kitchen of your dreams come true. We study how you use the work stations in your kitchen for prepping, cooking, storing and cleaning. We consider your personal preferences—dishwasher on the left or right, single oven or double, dishes in drawers or upper cabinets, many small appliances or fewer, numerous collections of dishes or the most basic, tear out the soffits or leave them. Families who entertain regularly have very different needs than those whose gatherings focus mainly on holidays. After our fact-gathering mission, we integrate your kitchen habits and equipment with our design experience to create the best plan for your kitchen—the design plan, layout and drawings are all free to you, the customer.

We proudly offer our deluxe standard features for every set of cabinets as well as custom feature options. Our design, construction and installation services provide the best quality for the most affordable price. With over 35 years in the custom cabinet business, Larson Joynes is known throughout Hampton Roads for fine craftsmanship, integrity and unique design. Let us help you make the best choices for your kitchen from the many products we offer.

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Plus Deluxe Features – Standard Items at Larson Joynes

Deluxe Features – Standard Items Included in all Custom Cabinets at No Extra Cost

Full Extension Undermount Drawer Slides

Every drawer opening reveals full contents—no more knuckle-scraping to reach in the back. Heavy weight-bearing undermount slides appear invisible. Modern kitchen storage relies on drawers and pullouts for dishes, bowls, serving pieces and heavy items, always available at your fingertips.

Slow-close Drawers and Doors

With a finger-touch push, drawers and doors close quietly--no sudden snap-close or bumping into partially closed drawers or doors.

Hidden Hinges

Unseen when doors are closed, sturdy hinges on the interior link doors to cabinets.

Hidden hinges enhance the look of both contemporary and traditional cabinets.

No Particle Board, No Junk Wood and No Wood Scraps Pieced Together

Custom cabinets from Larson Joynes define quality and our wood suppliers know our standards. We use solid hardwood for durability and high grade plywood for natural movability to prevent warping.

Doors Made In-house

Larson Joynes Cabinet Works is one of the few custom cabinet producers in the country that makes their own doors. Panels, rails and stiles are carefully crafted for durability and the best matched grain possible.

The Highest Standards for All

Larson Joynes furnishes custom cabinets for builders, remodelers, architects, interior

designers as well directly to homeowners. There are no separate standards of performance. We approach each job with the intent of excellence in form and function.

There are no double standards in quality. Our best customer is a happy customer.