Deluxe Features

Serving Hampton Roads

Standard Items at Larson Joynes

Included in ALL Custom Cabinets at No Extra Cost!

Full Extension Undermount Drawer Slides

Every drawer opening reveals full contents—no more knuckle-scraping to reach in the back. Heavy weight-bearing undermount slides appear invisible. Modern kitchen storage relies on drawers and pullouts for dishes, bowls, serving pieces and heavy items, always available at your fingertips.

Slow-close Drawers and Doors

With a finger-touch push, drawers and doors close quietly–no sudden snap-close or bumping into partially closed drawers or doors.

Hidden Hinges

Unseen when doors are closed, sturdy hinges on the interior link doors to cabinets. Hidden hinges enhance the look of both contemporary and traditional cabinets.

No Particle Board, No Junk Wood and No Wood Scraps Pieced Together

Custom cabinets from Larson Joynes define quality and our wood suppliers know our standards. We use solid hardwood for durability and high grade plywood for natural movability to prevent warping.

Doors Made In-house

Larson Joynes Cabinet Works is one of the few custom cabinet producers in the country that makes their own doors. Panels, rails and stiles are carefully crafted for durability and the best matched grain possible.

The Highest Standards for All

Larson Joynes furnishes custom cabinets for builders, remodelers, architects, interior designers as well directly to homeowners. There are no separate standards of performance. We approach each job with the intent of excellence in form and function. There are no double standards in quality. Our best customer is a happy customer